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Karger Verzinkerei Ostalb GmbH


Supply of new travelling units for the „Karger Verzinkerei Ostalb GmbH“ in Huettlingen / Germany

The GALVA Anlagen-Technik GmbH got the order for supply of 8 new travelling units in line with the general modernisation work of the galvanizing plant. All travelling units got a single chain lift (2 x 1.600 kg) and the complete innovative standard devices (like position measuring system with barcode scanning, wireless data transfer between the travel units and the main control etc.) In the project we changed the process sequence of the equipment by the fully automatic hooking in / hooking out of traverses in the pre-treatment cycle. By that, the number of travelling units could be reduced from 12 to 8 which increased the productivity by 20%.

The HiH-concept (hook in hook), used for hooking in / hooking out the jigs in transverse and in cross direction allows other than to alternative solutions the exact determination of wear-out of the load carriers by a simple check of the opening, the so called hook mouth. During this process the working safety (safety during hooking in / hooking out) remains. The complete assembly, commissioning and the test phase could be realized during the 14-days vacations of the company.

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